Sam and Nate


SAM&NATE are two brothers out of New Mexico, who’ve been playing music together since they were 7 and 5. They have continued to develop their musical talent, as well as acting and dancing. With both able to play multiple instruments, they work together on lyrics and melody in their songs. 

Sam&Nate started out performing in Albuquerque, New Mexico at malls, radio interviews, bookstores, community centers, schools, churches and benefit shows. They have also performed in Dallas, Houston, and Orlando. They were asked to go back to AMTC’s (Actors, Model, Talent Competition) 29th competition as guest stars. They performed and were on the guest star panels to share about their success with their music this past year, sharing the stage with several up-and-coming actors, models and label representatives. 

Sam&Nate recently went on the Camplified Tour on the East Coast.  They are currently producing more songs in Atlanta, Georgia and constantly developing their talent.  The boys are blessed with the strong support of their family and guidance from their God. 

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An extra special thanks goes out to Claudia for supporting the Jennifer Smart Foundation’s Find Your Voice program.


3 Responses to “Sam and Nate”
  1. Jen says:

    I would love to tour with you guys, but I have a couple auditions and Movie Red Carpets to attend in LA while you are gone. So check out the JENNiRADIO app so you can watch the interviews between states.

    Your buddy – Jen

  2. I’m thinking Sam&Nate are very thankful to JENNiRADIO for joining us with the Camplified Tour to New York…we think you all should pack your bags and come with us! :)

  3. alexis says:

    You guys are rockin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats whats on ma mind ;)