Kickin’ and Shakin’ on the Cars 2 Carpet


The Cars crew is back for an international adventure in Cars 2, and the Disney Channel stars were out to support their favorite autos. I enjoyed catching up with cast members from Kickin’ It, Shake It Up, and Pair of Kings. Vroom vroom!


One Response to “Kickin’ and Shakin’ on the Cars 2 Carpet”
  1. Tom Heckel says:

    I love these little interviews! I’m an old guy (late 40′s) and I love her style of interviewing. I also like that the interviews are mixed up with the older folks and the younger generation as well. I’m not sure if she comes up with her own questions or whether they are provided, overall they are quite good, but you may want to vary them a little more, especially if most of the interviewees have a hard time answering. One of the questions was, “If you were a spy, what would your spy name be.” Most of them had a hard time improvising an answer, so, if I were producing, I’d make sure we drop those questions that don’t provide an easy response. It was also uncomfortable to see them struggle and that is not the best “light” to cast them in since this is a lighthearted venture.

    I liked the Sherman brothers screening interviews because there were a variety of people interviewed (even Joanne Whirley). Even though most kids don’t know who she is , it was nice that the producer (or whoever) provided the title of LAUGH IN. It probably would have been a good thing to bring up her providing a voice in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST since I think Uncle Walt has some involvement in this program to publicize their products. I also liked the question about family members getting along together. Most adult interviewers don’t ask that question and it was cool to hear their responses.

    Overall, really enjoyable! You picked a bright, cheery host who seems up to the task of interviewing and seems comfortable talking to celebrities.

    Even though I am an “olderster,” I will try to continue to listen. I do wish that your did not charge for the App. It would be nice for kids to get if free, plus, the more accessible, the more advertising it generates.

    Thank you. Very fun. I ran into your show while doing a search for clips of the Sherman Bros. movie on Yahoo. A nice surprise for sure!