Cassandra Michaels


Cassandra Michaels is a Teen singer- song writer, actress and dancer currently living in Los Angeles. Her unique mix of pop rock combined with her fun and heartfelt lyrics makes her truly a one-of-a-kind artist. Cassandra’s music and upbeat, outgoing personality has her already attracting fans around the world.

Originally from the Midwest, Cassandra began singing at a very young age. By the time she was 8 Cassandra displayed a unique gift of music by teaching herself the piano, playing solely by ear. Soon after, she became interested in playing other instruments and began teaching herself guitar; by age 12 she was using both instruments to write and compose her own music.

In the fall of 2010 Cassandra moved to California to pursue her career. Since then she has teamed up with Platinum songwriter and producer, Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music. They are currently at work writing and recording more songs, as well as building and creating a brand for this future pop icon. Cassandra has also begun vocal training under highly sought after celebrity voice coach, Eric Vetro.

Cassandra Michaels’ music has quickly grabbed the attention of kids and teens around the globe. In the first month of her debut release Cassandra’s song, “Say It Right Now” hit #1 on the top teen on-line radio station, Cassandra is also a featured artist on Stars of Tomorrow Radio broadcasted from Sydney, Australia; her music is played on other various stations as well. Within two months of her debut release Cassandra booked her first tour. Beginning in the fall of 2011 she will be a part of Southern California’s School Zone Tour, traveling and performing throughout California.

Along with Cassandra’s amazing musical abilities she is also a very talented dancer. Dancing since the age of two, Cassandra has won multiple first place dance awards, including state and regional titles; she has also taken classes from many world renowned choreographers. Cassandra shows off her dance abilities during live performances, continually “wowing” her audience.

Cassandra expands her performances from the stage to the screen. She is currently studying acting development and technique training under Janet Alhanti who is a world renowned coach. Not only does Janet work with Cassandra on acting but she coaches her as an overall performer.
Cassandra Michaels is a true triple threat. Her songs are infectious, fresh and edgy. Cassandra creates music that both entertains and inspires her audience-a true performer at heart!

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