JENNi20 Countdown Podcasts Now Available!


The JENNi20 Countdown is now available worldwide!

If you’ve missed any episodes of the JENNi20 Countdown on uTV in Albuquerque, you can now watch them all, from the very beginning! Click here or go to and click on Podcast. You can sign up to automatically receive each episode after it airs on TV, or just pick and choose the ones you want.

You can also find the JENNi20 Countdown podcast on iTunes. Just search for JENNi20 once you’re in iTunes.

And don’t forget to vote for your favorites each week. Your votes really do make a difference, so head over to to vote today!


One Response to “JENNi20 Countdown Podcasts Now Available!”
  1. Kelli Jette says:

    Thanks for introducing Saturday night and jetsetgetset….you are great at your work! Super job, thanks again!

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