Alison Bailey


alison1Alison Bailey, age 13, has been a singer and performer from the start. She was born in North Carolina to a military family. They moved to California when she was two. She is the oldest of three girls and likes playing sports, along with her love for the stage.

Her outgoing personality has been noticed by many. At only four years old, she stunned a room of guests at a karaoke night in a restaurant. She asked if she could sing, and showed no hesitation when she was allowed to pick up the mic. She received a standing ovation, after amazing the crowd with her beautiful little voice.

alison2She continued to explore her capabilities with her voice, and never shied away from the spotlight. At seven years old, while attending a family wedding in Minnesota, she couldn’t help but notice the live band playing during the reception. While the food was being served she asked her mother several times if she could ask the band if they would let her sing. She was disappointed to hear “no” each time. Her perseverance paid off. Alison waited for the right moment, when mom wasn’t looking, to get up by the stage. Her eyes only made it to the base of the stage, yet she managed to get the attention of the vocalist, who noticed she was singing along. She pulled Alison up on stage, and impressed the band enough, for them to allow her to sing more songs on stage with them. She gained many new admirers that evening.

Alison had her first chance to test her ability in a recording studio in July of 2015 where she recorded, “Santa’s Little Spy”, an original her grandmother, Ardis Olson, wrote for her. “Santa’s Little Spy”, debuted on JENNiRADIO in December of 2015. Alison now collaborates with her grandmother on songwriting, but also writes her own material as well. Alison’s latest songs include “Walk with Your Memory” and “Military Man.” Her latest collaboration with Ardis is titled “It’s Too Late.”

Alison is a member of the West Coast Country Music Association. At the recent WCCMA competition, she won Future Star awards for female vocalist and female entertainer, as well as First Place for female vocalist in the traditional gospel category. She will go on to represent California in the national competition in Nashville.

Alison continues to take voice, piano and guitar lessons, and plays tuba in her middle school band. Shas attended a songwriting conference in Nashville for the past 3 years and is studying songwriting and music business with Amanda Colleen Williams, daughter of hit songwriter, Kim Williams.



11 Responses to “Alison Bailey”
  1. Jenny Friedman says:

    Ali, you are so amazing! Great to hear your beautiful voice again, you had 300 instant fans back at our wedding 4 years ago! Keep the hard work! xoxo Jenny

  2. Ardis Olson says:

    I am so happy for you Ali! This is where you are meant to be! Love you!! Keep up the good work

  3. Carolyn Bailey says:

    Not Rising – you are a STAR! Wonderful

  4. Becca Boyd says:

    Way to go Ali!! We are so proud of you! You are AMAZING!

  5. Sarah Williams says:

    Love it!!! Great job Alison!!

  6. Peggy Worley says:

    Awesome! Would love to hear Candy again.

  7. Mary Worley says:

    You are fabulous !!!!

  8. Beth Phillips says:

    So proud of you!!

  9. LaRue Bailey says:

    Way to go Ali! So proud of you!

  10. Martha says:

    So proud of you Alison!!!!