At an age when most girls are having a blast shopping, inviting kids over for sleepovers, going dancing with their friends, playing sports and experiencing their first crushes on boys, 11 year old vocal powerhouse Camryn is…singing about all of it, pouring her heart into every note and loving every minute of the journey.

A few months shy of releasing her debut single and album, she’s already won over thousands of fans around the world with her songs and videos on myspace and YouTube. Camryn’s infectious song “I Love Being A Girl” stands poised to become an empowerment anthem for her own generation, and boys and girls everywhere are dancing up a storm to “Move Your Body.” She’s already got a street team passing out a three song sampler at every Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers concert across America, and two of her tunes will appear in the film version of Megan McDonald’s “Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer,” due out next summer.

Unlike so many young artists whose handlers and producers mask their vocal and performance shortcomings with slick imaging and overwrought studio enhancements, Camryn is fun, cool, down to earth, naturally charming and vivacious, super-talented—and above all, the real deal. Happy and playful one minute, wistful and reflective the next, we’re hearing the heartfelt honesty of a self assured young girl with every note. But can the Denver native–who first wowed an audience at a first grade talent show doing a clean version of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl”—go the distance and conquer millions of young hearts and minds the way Bieber and Miley have? Camryn has a simple answer for that, and it’s also the title of the dynamic 12-track collection that’s going to put her on the pop culture map: Wait And See.

“When I think about that song,” the multi-talented singer says, “I always feel it perfectly reflects where I am in my life and career now. Its lyrics are about being carefree, running barefoot through the sand, catching the wind in your hand…telling the world I’m gonna shine tonight and follow my dreams no matter what anyone says. Just saying this is my life, I’m going to do this and everyone will be watching to wait and see what happens. I’m excited about sharing who I am with the world and inspiring young guys and girls to follow their own dreams.

“I think the key to having success in this business,” Camryn adds, “is not just singing great songs with a big voice—it’s about being authentic, treating people well and connecting on a personal level with the fans. I’m doing songs that they can relate to. I want them to know that I understand what they’re going through, the ups and downs of being this age, because I’ve been there. I’m living everything with them in real time.”

My favorite stores since I moved to L.A. are H&M and Forever 21. Some people get the wrong idea about ‘Move Your Body’ but it’s just a cool dance song I think both boys and girls can enjoy. ‘To Be Young’ is about the experience of being my age, doing things that our parents and older people can’t quite understand. It’s about singing loud, staying up all night long having fun, being alive to experience all this. ‘Tragedy’ kind of has a heavy title, but it’s really just a great song about being yourself no matter what others may think about you, and in the end you will succeed.”

Other tracks on Wait And See include “So What Oh Well” (one of the songs that will be in the “Judy Moody” film) and “Starlight Star Bright.” “I love to rock out to upbeat songs,” Camryn adds, “but I also have dance songs and a ballad, too, because those are the different kinds of music that me and my friends listen to. The cool part of all this is, I’ve gotten to do so much, but I still have dreams. I’m excited about going on my own tour, but I would love to perform someday with artists like Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, even Pink. The greatest thing is to have fans who like my music and who relate to me. If I can bring joy to them, inspire them to sing along and make them reflect their own lives and dreams, that makes me the happiest.”

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  1. Destiny Lor says:

    I have seen her at my school. She came to my school to perform and giving out autographs. I never knew about her until now. She sounds great, but not a fun girl that likes to talk with her fans. People at my school don’t really like her, but i kind of do.