pinkeswear1I’ve hung out with Saige Ryan Campbell of Pink.E.Swear at a bunch of different events, and if the rest of the band has her energy, the music world better watch out!

Here’s more about the band:

pinkeswear2The world has gone pink…Pink-E-Swear that is. And these talented recording artists are about to spread their positive message to kids and adults everywhere. Determined on being good role models through charity work, public awareness and songs that are all age appropriate and relate to genuine teen issues, Pink-E-Swear combines catchy pop and hip-hop melodies with uplifting and fun lyrics. And what’s more, they are all great friends. The four girls who make up Pink-E-Swear (which means Swear to wear Pink), Taylor, Saige, Tasha and Sydney are all triple threat talents…singers, dancers and actors all with strings of credits in film, television and music.

Taylor, “The Pop Princess”…most television audiences know Taylor for her eight year run as the precocious Ruby on the hit ABC TV show “According to Jim,” starring Jim Belushi for which she has been nominated for a Young Artist Award. But Taylor is also a veteran of many national commercials, and has appeared in country star Brad Paisley’s music video for his hit “Celebrity.” She has also co-starred in the short films “Reaper,” starring Ed Begley Jr. and “First in Ten,” based on the true story of the first girl ever allowed to play in the Youth Football League. Trained in tap, ballet and jazz dance, Taylor has performed in many stage productions including “Alice in Wonderland,” “Pinocchio,” and “Babes in Toyland.”

Saige, aka “Young Saige” Hip-Hop…Saige has an array of film, television and dance credits including “I Heart Huckabees,” portraying Mark Wahlberg’s daughter, Warner Bros.’ “Believers,” for which she garnered a Young Artist Award nomination, and “Lime Salted Love,” receiving rave reviews. A staple on episodics including “Entourage,” “Without a Trace,” and “Nip/Tuck, Saige has appeared in more than thirty national commercials including her popular Jif Peanut Butter spot. Her voice over talents can be heard on the popular video game, “Clive Barker’s Jericho.” Saige is extremely proud of her involvement with Special Olympics and as spokesperson for the World Trust Foundation. As a national dance and cheer champion, Saige has performed with several dance troupes and since the age of three has trained in hip-hop, ballet, tap and jazz. Saige is also a talented DJ.

Tasha, “The Country Girl,” is the newest member of Pink E Swear and is delighted to have found such a sweet and talented group of girls to call her friends. Born and raised in Hollywood, Natasha loves to sing and dance. She has acted in several movies including Eulogy, in which she played a young Zooey Deschanel, and the short film Ugly directed by Moon Zappa. She has also filmed numerous national commercials – her favorite was for McDonald’s acting opposite skate boarding star Tony Hawk. She was proud to appear in a series of PSA’s campaigning to stop the senseless harming of sharks. Natasha has also been in many theatrical productions and appeared in several print campaigns,she was even on billboards on Sunset Boulevard.Tasha has studied theater,ballet,hip hip,jazz,gymnastics and singing.

Sydney, “The Rocker”…discovered after a nation wide talent search, Sydney relocated from Georgia to Los Angeles to become part of Pink-E-Swear. With a strong background in musical theater including the lead in many productions, she has also starred in a PSA for Atlanta Reads Program teaching young children to read. She can be heard as the voice of Baby Products USA. Sydney has been in competitive cheerleading on a national level the last six years and has over ten years of dance experience ranging from ballet to hip-hop.

With their debut album finished and coming to a radio station and venue soon, Pink-E-Swear is ready to paint the world Pink with their own brand of contagious music that is destined to become instant classics. And their intention to better the world gives hope that the future of our world is in safe hands. Visit for more info.


7 Responses to “Pink.E.Swear”
  1. jacqueline contreras says:

    i met pink e swear in a performance they made in hollywood park and i even got their autograph. i just think one day there going to become very famous because their so talented.

  2. Andrea says:

    I LOVE Pink E Swear, can’t wait for they’re album to come out! <33333333333333333333333

  3. kamara says:

    I just love yall make more music

  4. Markus says:

    I am a great fan of Pink-E-Swear.

    The music rock!!!

  5. Chelsea and Erin says:

    We’ve heard them, they rock.

  6. aubiegirl98! says:

    Hey oh my goodness I love them I heard their song “Pass da note on the movie “Minor details”

  7. Mighty Muffin says:

    Will someone out up the lyrics to Pass the note bye Pink E swear?