Help build the new Find Your Voice center in Southern California

We are looking for corporate sponsors to donate space in the Los Angeles area, and provide large equipment donations.  We also appreciate cash donations from individuals and companies.

If you’ve attended one of our events or seen one of our flyers, and want to make a donation, please use the buttons below or click here to send us a check. If you’d like to contact us, feel free to email or call (866) 995-3664. If you don’t know about this fundraising project yet, read on.

Thank you to all who have supported us so far. Check back to see our donor wall soon.

Building the Future…

Help give kids a voice by supporting the new Find Your Voice center to be built in Southern California. Just like you, we’re concerned about kids and their future. We give kids a chance to share their favorite music, passions about causes and issues they are going through. Kids have an opportunity to improve communication skills and self esteem with this one-of-a-kind radio and TV training program, just for them. These programs are open to kids throughout the Southern California area. Through the generous donations of concerned citizens like you, we will also be able to offer scholarships to disadvantaged kids from local community organizations.

But first, we need to build the new center. Read on to see how you can help…

Donation Levels and Benefits:

Listener/Viewer – $100 Donation

No radio or TV station can survive without them. We’re so thankful for our 91.9 FM KKGT and listeners and JENNi20 Countdown viewers, that we named our first level after them! Donate as a family or a group of friends. Your donations will add up to something great, because they come from our fans.

Reward: You will be mentioned on the Jennifer Smart Foundation and JENNiRADIO web sites, and on the donor wall in the studio. You’ll also get a thank you letter from Jennifer and a tax receipt.

Street Team – $250 Donation

The Street Team is a group that helps put on events in the local community. They’re like a pep squad for radio and TV. Your donation makes the larger things begin to come into view, like chairs and headphones. A few of these put together add up to bigger things, like desks and computers.

Reward: Same as Listener, plus your name goes on a larger item in the studio, that was purchased with your donation. Your name will appear larger than Listener/Viewer names on the web sites and studio donor wall.

Buy a Mic – $650 Donation

Microphones are at the heart of a radio station. Without them, there is silence, which is no good! Your donation helps us buy this essential equipment for the studio.

Reward: Your name/company name/logo will appear on the mic flag or arm, and will appear larger on all donor lists. You also receive a thank you letter, signed head shot from Jen, a tax receipt and a “Find Your Voice” package for one kid.

Disc Jockey – $1000 Donation (Payment by check or cash only)

While the DJ doesn’t necessarily run the station, he or she does rule the airwaves. This donation level funds all the technical stuff, like software, consoles, hybrids and pre-amps, plus a couple of dreams.

Reward: Same as Street Team, plus your name/logo even larger on studio donor wall, name/logo full-screen on video display in studio, signed head shot and “Find Your Voice” packages for two kids.

Full Studio Sponsor – Call for Donation Amount

You won’t get to own the station, but you will get to brand it.

Reward: The studio will be named after you or your company, and always referred to as, for example, “The HP Studio.” You will receive two mentions per hour, like “From the HP Studio in Southern California, this is JENNiRADIO.” Your mentions will continue every hour for an entire year. Additional benefits negotiable.

The fine print: Please make checks payable to Jennifer Smart Foundation and mail to 31500 Grape Street #3-366 Lake Elsinore CA 92532. Jennifer Smart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations may be tax deductible. Consult your tax professional for details.