My movie, Meteor Apocalypse, is now available for instant viewing on Netflix. For those of you who already have Netflix, you know what that means. For those that don’t, it means you can watch it on your TV or computer, instead of waiting for the DVD in the mail.

I am featured in the “Classes @ the Keyboard” article in the 2010-2011 LA Parent Education Guide. It will also be included in Bay Area Parent and Boston Parents’ Paper.

Here’s the link – – you will have to enter your email address when you first go to the site. Then look for the article on pages 90 & 91. (You will also get an email confirming your subscription, which you can keep or cancel. It’s free.)

Sorry, Mom, it looks like someone named Veronica has taken over your mothering duties ; )

Saturday is the funniest day of the week for me – literally full of comedy! I start my day at Second City, and then spend my afternoon at Bang Studio. Fun! =)

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