I got a chance to talk to Audrey, Matthew and Allisyn from the new So Random! at the red carpet for Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. This is the longer version of that interview. It was so much fun talking to them!

It was a fun morning in Hollywood, celebrating the premiere of Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Lots of young stars stopped by, including Ashley Argota and Ciara Bravo from Nickelodeon, and Katherine McNamara and Dylan Riley Snyder from new Disney shows. I also got to talk to Audrey Whitby, Matthew Scott Montgomery and Allisyn Ashley Arm from the new So Random!

The stars were out on the blue carpet to celebrate Earth Day at the premiere of Disneynature’s Oceans at the El Capitan. This movie provides a never before seen look at the wonders of nature under the deep blue sea, and highlights the importance of caring for our earth. I met some of the filmmakers, who are very passionate about their work. A lot of Disney stars also shared their thoughts on the ocean, like Doug Brochu, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Ryan Newman, Bradley Steven Perry, Kelsey Chow, David Lambert and Greg Baker. I really enjoyed talking to Pierce Brosnan and meeting Celine and Fabien Cousteau.