The Cars crew is back for an international adventure in Cars 2, and the Disney Channel stars were out to support their favorite autos. I enjoyed catching up with cast members from Kickin’ It, Shake It Up, and Pair of Kings. Vroom vroom!

It was nice to be back on the longest movie premiere carpet again. Disneyland is always fun, and the crowd for a Pirate premiere is always rowdy and ready for fun. I talked with a bunch of different people involved with the movie. It’s always great to see people like Caroline Sunshine, Chris Massey, and Booboo and Fivel Stewart. It’s nice to meet some new ones, too, like Zachary Gordon, Sophie Simmons, and one of my favorites, Kirstie Alley. What a fun day!

Now I can officially say I’ve talked to a Knight – Sir Elton John! The cast of Shake It Up kept everyone on their toes at the Gnomeo & Juliet premiere. It was so nice to see Caroline Sunshine again. (Marmaduke seems like so long ago!) And it’s always fun to talk to Nate Hartley and Ryan Ochoa. Plus, I finally got to meet Stephen Kramer Glickman from Big Time Rush.

It was so much fun meeting up with the cast of Marmaduke in San Diego before seeing the movie on the beach! There were so many cute dogs there, including some that had been in the Surf Dog competition featured in the movie. I enjoyed talking with Finley and Caroline, who play the Winslow kids in the movie. And it was really nice to see George Lopez again, and meet Owen Wilson for the first time. I also got to meet another George, the Great Dane who played Marmaduke in the movie.

By the way, this was definitely the sandiest red carpet I’d ever been to. There’s nothing quite like interviewing celebrities with your bare toes dug into the sand…