It was really fun to meet Paige O’Hara and Robby Benson, the voices behind Belle and the Beast. I really enjoyed talking with composer Alan Menken, too. Meeting the people who made a classic Disney movie I grew up with was really cool. It was also fun seeing my friend, Daphne Blunt, and red carpet favorites Ryan Newman and Bailee Madison.

I’ve seen a lot of things on the red carpet, including a variety of animals, but this is the first time I’ve seen a real horse at a movie premiere! I enjoyed speaking with the actors and movie makers, and I learned a lot about Secretariat and the inspiring story about this Triple Crown winner beating the odds.

Toy Story 3 is finally here! I talked to some of the stars of the movie on the red carpet. I also enjoyed chatting with a bunch of my favorite Disney stars, including Chelsea Staub and Doug Brochu.

Corbin is the JENNiRADIO Featured Artist for August 2009. Here’s one of my interviews with him. You can enjoy his music on JENNiRADIO, including songs from High School Musical, other Disney Channel movies, and his solo albums.

I cannot wait to see this movie – the animation sounds amazing! It was such an honor to speak with Mr. Miyazaki about it – through an interpreter! John Lasseter, Brad Lewis and Peter Sohn from Disney told me about how they brought the movie to an English-speaking audience. It was nice to see Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves again, and meet Frankie Jonas. Make sure you stay tuned for my exclusive sit-down interview with Noah at the end of the video.

Another hot day in Hollywood, and luckily the guinea pigs had the day off or they would’ve roasted! It was fun talking to the humans in the movie, and seeing Debby Ryan (Suite Life on Deck) and Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place) again. Ryan Newman and Adam Hicks (Zeke & Luther) were also there. I always love chatting with Sammi Hanratty, and FINALLY got to talk to Steve Rushton!

Don’t forget to check out the G-Force Experience if you see the movie at the El Capitan in Hollywood. There’s lots of fun, interactive, secret-agent-type-stuff for the whole family, including souvenir photos. And best of all, it’s included with your admission to the movie!

It was nice to see George Lopez again – he was one of my first red carpet interviews four years ago! Thank you to Disney for inviting me, and everyone who came by to talk to me, especially Ryan Reynolds!

This is not a movie that I’d normally go see, since it’s PG-13, but I love to support the artists and meet new people. Plus, my report is rated E for Everyone, and anyone not old enough to see the movie now can watch it on DVD when they’re ready.

Thanks to movie magic, it was snowing in May in Los Angeles! I went to the press conference at Union Station and got an early peak at the train exhibit and clips of the movie. The Disney’s A Christmas Carol Train Tour is visiting 39 more towns between now and when the movie opens November 6th, so visit to find a location near you. Be sure to check out the train with the whole family, and best of all it’s free! (Note: The images in the movie may be scary for young viewers.)  I also got to talk to Jim Carrey for the first time, which was awesome!