There were lots of people out to celebrate the Lion King’s release in 3D, on the grassy carpet, on a day that was hot like the Pride Lands. Of course, there were many Disney stars sharing their favorite moments from the movie, like Adam Irigoyen, Dylan Riley Snyder and Geno Segers, along with Joey King, Mason Cook and more.

The Gleeks were out in force, and Fox was nice enough to supply bleachers for those who had waited all day for a spot overlooking the red carpet. Arrivals were accompanied by a Glee soundtrack sing-along and screams of delight.

I was excited to meet the remaining contenders of the Glee Project – Alex, Cameron, Damian, Lindsay, Samuel and Hannah – and of course Mr. Robert J. Ulrich.

Since I had already seen the movie, I was eager to meet some of the real people who were pulled from the crowd and featured in the movie. It was fun to talk with Janae and Trenton, as they took it all in. Little Kellen melted hearts as he worked the press line in his Warbler outfit.

Of course, it was a thrill to talk to Glee cast members – but you’ll just have to watch to see which ones…

It was a fun morning in Hollywood, celebrating the premiere of Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer. Lots of young stars stopped by, including Ashley Argota and Ciara Bravo from Nickelodeon, and Katherine McNamara and Dylan Riley Snyder from new Disney shows. I also got to talk to Audrey Whitby, Matthew Scott Montgomery and Allisyn Ashley Arm from the new So Random!