There were lots of people out to celebrate the Lion King’s release in 3D, on the grassy carpet, on a day that was hot like the Pride Lands. Of course, there were many Disney stars sharing their favorite moments from the movie, like Adam Irigoyen, Dylan Riley Snyder and Geno Segers, along with Joey King, Mason Cook and more.

The Cars crew is back for an international adventure in Cars 2, and the Disney Channel stars were out to support their favorite autos. I enjoyed catching up with cast members from Kickin’ It, Shake It Up, and Pair of Kings. Vroom vroom!

On the red carpet for Mars Needs Moms, I kept hearing the question, “What would you do if your mom was kidnapped by martians?” Instead, I asked people – like Bailee Madison, Cody Simpson, Matt Timmons and Sammi Hanratty – what they would do if their mom actually WAS a martian.

Since Milo complains about his mom constantly asking him to take out the trash and eat his broccoli, I thought I’d check with the stars to see what their moms nag them about most…