It was a beautiful day for a movie about gorgeous birds set in the vibrant city of Rio. I talked to the stars about plumage and parades. It was great to see Sammi and Ryan again – some of my red carpet favorites. It was an honor to meet Sergio Mendes, the genius behind the infectious music in the movie. And, of course, it’s always a pleasure talking with George Lopez!

It was so much fun meeting up with the cast of Marmaduke in San Diego before seeing the movie on the beach! There were so many cute dogs there, including some that had been in the Surf Dog competition featured in the movie. I enjoyed talking with Finley and Caroline, who play the Winslow kids in the movie. And it was really nice to see George Lopez again, and meet Owen Wilson for the first time. I also got to meet another George, the Great Dane who played Marmaduke in the movie.

By the way, this was definitely the sandiest red carpet I’d ever been to. There’s nothing quite like interviewing celebrities with your bare toes dug into the sand…

It was nice to see George Lopez again – he was one of my first red carpet interviews four years ago! Thank you to Disney for inviting me, and everyone who came by to talk to me, especially Ryan Reynolds!

This is not a movie that I’d normally go see, since it’s PG-13, but I love to support the artists and meet new people. Plus, my report is rated E for Everyone, and anyone not old enough to see the movie now can watch it on DVD when they’re ready.