Come meet the JENNiRADIO team at the 4:45 screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D, today, May 20th at United Artists Starport at Cottonwood Mall 9. We’ll be giving away some prizes, so make sure you get your JENNiRADIO postcard before you get your seats.

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It was nice to be back on the longest movie premiere carpet again. Disneyland is always fun, and the crowd for a Pirate premiere is always rowdy and ready for fun. I talked with a bunch of different people involved with the movie. It’s always great to see people like Caroline Sunshine, Chris Massey, and Booboo and Fivel Stewart. It’s nice to meet some new ones, too, like Zachary Gordon, Sophie Simmons, and one of my favorites, Kirstie Alley. What a fun day!

Astro Boy has landed in the US! As a fan of manga and anime, I loved meeting the son of the creator of the original Astro Boy. Even though we’re just now meeting the boy robot, he’s actually been around for a long time in Japan. The manga series was first published in 1952, and Astro Boy first aired on Japanese TV in 1963. It was the first series in the genre that we now know as anime.

I got to meet a lot of people who do voices in the movie, including Moises Arias, Kristen Bell, and Freddie Highmore, who voices Astro Boy. I also talked with Bill Nighy, also known as Davy Jones in the Pirates movies, and Charlie Bewley, who is in New Moon.