Avenue52Avenue52 is a pop/rock band that:
ALL the music you hear. Period.

Avenue 52 is not your stereotypical pop/rock band. They are an American pop/rock band based out of Los Angeles, California formed in 2009 by young and talented musicians with a positive message to give to their fans.

Delivering the Avenue 52 sound and message are Sean Alexander (background vocals, lead guitarist), Tyler Aguirre (lead vocals, rhythm guitarist), and Beau Evans (drums).

The conception of the band’s name “Avenue 52″ derives from the street where the band members originally met and came together. It was the focal point from which their music was created and manifested into its current sound.

Their music is a blend of pop melodies and rock undertones. Their self-titled debut EP is available on iTunes.

They are currently rehearsing and preparing for their upcoming shows with an optimistic perspective.

Avenue 52 is not just a band and is not just a street, but a journey one must take on a road with endless possibilities.