Lou Wegner and Devin Fox are from Ohio and met while filming “In Darkness and in Light,” a short film by The Maine and Warner Brothers records. Devin and Lou became fast friends, started singing together, and formed the pop duo 2BLOND. They are animal activists concerned about the high rate of dog/cat deaths at US shelters and spend their free time at pet adoption events and networking for Kids Against Animal Cruelty, founded by Lou on Facebook. 1Life2Live was filmed at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. The teens in the music video, Jennifer Smart, Caroline Sheehan, and Shira Rich are all supporters of animal rights. Proceeds from the downloads will benefit abused, sick, elderly and all animals on death row in US Shelters.

Help dogs on death row – buy the song on iTunes by clicking here.


One Response to “2Blond”
  1. Lori Rich says:

    What a wonderful thing it is when teens give of themselves for others and for the animals!