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Nicholas Martinez was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a talented teenage song writer and singer who has been supported by his family and friends. He’s loved singing since he was eight years old and it’s been his inspiration since then. “My first experience with music was when I sang ‘Pretty Women’ with my grandpa on his karaoke machine, and in that moment I was hooked” Says Nick. Through his career Nicholas has picked up a few roles in short films around New Mexico and in theatre. As much as he admires acting, singing was his main love. Since age 14, he as performed at different events throughout Albuquerque and Rio Rancho with Interplay Crew. In August of 2010 Nicholas got a small role in The Disney channel movie “Lemonade Mouth” which aired in April of 2011. In that year Nicholas had also developed taste for the piano. He started taking lesson soon after and had the basic skills to right his first song “Hey Girl.” “When I first wrote ‘hey girl’ I only had a melody in my head then started to pound on the keyboard, next I was starting to right some lyrics down.” Say’s Nick. He has had the opportunity to perform his single at a few events in Albuquerque within the last few months and song and Music Video are now up on iTunes and Youtube. He intends to start recording more music for his upcoming album “Something Different”.

Nicholas dreams of one day opening up a Record label here in Albuquerque to show his pride for his hometown. “I want to be true to myself, I don’t want anyone to change me, and by opening a record label here in my hometown instead of a big city, I can stay me” he says. Nicholas hopes to bring people happiness through his music. He wants to show his audience that it is ok to feel down but there is always a reason to get back up from the ashes. Through out his career in singing, Nicholas has lost a few family members dear to his heart. “Although this is true..” Nick says, “its made me stronger and inspires me to to sing my heart out.” Nick dreams to one day change music history and give others what he calls “A voice of hope,” and with this he hopes people will be able to carry on through there struggles. “Nothing makes me happier then to see others smile” – Nick.
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Every once in a while we come across that undiscovered somebody that is just radiating with charisma, personality, and talent, that inspires you and makes you better for having met them. When I was first introduced to Nicholas Martinez, I showed up at a charity concert of over twelve hundred people he was performing at for younger children. I was pleasantly surprised to witness that literally everyone in the audience from the toddlers, through the teenage girls and boys, and their parents, were singing and jiving along with Nick as he danced, jumped, and rocked the stage. It took me one second to know that I had to work with this kid, I never even took my seat. I waited til Nick’s set was over and had his mom and dad, sister, and two little twin brothers walk me over to meet him back stage. Nick and I connected immediately. The type of young man capable of making big decisions, making a difference, and being a true gentleman and talent. Fast forward to now and we are almost ready for Nick’s debut album “Something Different”. Be ready to watch this young man sky rocket amongst the best because he knows how to write and create commercially good work. Here is a sneak preview of one of Nick’s hit songs and music video HEY GIRL. Enjoy!!!
Jerry Angelo

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